Mariah’s Vision

I believe that singing is like no other form of creating music. Unlike the piano key or guitar string, which if struck properly will produce the perfect well-tuned sound each time; the voice is a fallible instrument that must be trained with knowledge and much patience as well as understanding.  The voice is susceptible to genetic makeup, fatigue, dehydration, illness, and stress among other variables only partially within our control.  These are all things that make it UNIQUE and WONDERFUL and also challenging like no other instrument.  Complete confidence in your instructor as well as constant reassurance and building of a student’s confidence in an environment that feels safe, is required! 

This studio strives to provide that.  Each student is encouraged to give 100% and there are no mistakes, only learning opportunities.

We can only hear and “tweak” habits if students have confidence that their teachers will be patient and non-judgemental.  In fact, even better if their teacher is HUMAN and makes mistakes and can find the humor in it!

At this studio we are serious about our learning and the techniques we use.  But, we are also EXTREMELY serious about the realities of the voice, performing stresses, the HUMAN factor and the vulnerability that comes with someone putting their most fallible and personal gift in our hands. 

We have all had our spirits crushed at one time or another unnecessarily.  That will not be the case here.   (Unless you don’t do your homework….and then…prepare to see Mariah’s OTHER SIDE  Bwahahahaaa!! )  LOL 😀